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Call it peanut, groundnut or a monkey nut, these small, oval shaped nuts were perhaps one of the first few domesticated grain legumes by the mankind. Not so long ago, these seeds or legumes, that are crunchy, flavourful and aromatic to the taste- thanks to its high oil content were a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens. While ground nut oil was a regular for seasoning various recipes and even for deep frying, these pale, pink coloured legumes served as an ideal mid-day snack option.

With westernization of Indian cuisine, groundnut oil has slowly vanished from our kitchens mostly owing to various theories on how its consumption can lead to cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions. However, things have changed in the last few years with cold pressed, traditional oils making a comeback in to Indian kitchens, with more and more celebrity dieticians, nutritionists vouching by its good fats, vitamin and mineral components.

And now, please welcome, groundnuts and groundnut oil back into our kitchens and diet plans, with a thunderous round of applause!

Groundnut Nutrition Per 100 grams :

Calories 567 kcal

Total Carbohydrate 16 g

Dietary fiber 9 g

Sugar 4 g

Protein 26 g

Total Fat 49 g

Saturated fat 7 g

Polyunsaturated fat 16 g

Monounsaturated fat 24 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 18 mg

Potassium 705 mg

Vitamin B1 0.9mg

Vitamin B2 0.2mg

Niacin 17.6mg

Vitamin B6 0.5mg

Folate 350mcg

Calcium 134mg

Iron 6.7mg

Magnesium 245 mg

Phosphorus 549

Health benefits of peanuts:

1. Heart-friendly
The presence of high levels of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in peanuts help to keep the heart healthy. Oleic acid in peanuts also helps to lower the bad cholesterol and in turn increase the good cholesterol levels in the blood, only to prevent coronary artery disease and strokes by promoting healthy blood lipid profile.

2. Brain food

It is due to the presence of vitamin B3 or niacin that helps improve the functioning of the brain and further boosts memory. They also contain a flavonoid known as resveratrol that helps in improving blood flow to the brain.

3. Aids weight loss

The combination of fiber, fat and protein in peanuts helps keep you full for longer and lowers your appetite. This way, you skip the unnecessary hunger pangs and crave less for junk food that further leads to weight loss. Peanuts are also a good source of energy that help increase the metabolic rate.

4. Helps deal with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two symptoms of depression; thanks to the amino acid known as tryptophan present in peanuts, which helps in releasing serotonin, a brain chemical that is involved in mood regulation. This compound further helps in keeping you calm and mentally aware

5. One of the best snacks for diabetics

Peanuts make a great snack option for diabetics due to the presence of manganese, a mineral that plays an important role in metabolizing fat and carbohydrate, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation. They are known to have a low glycemic index that makes it a perfect go-to snack for diabetics.

6. Good for skin and hair

The monounsaturated fats and vitamins present in peanuts make them beneficial for the skin. It is also known to contain vitamin C and E that help delay visible signs of ageing. It also contains resveratrol that acts as a potent anti-ageing phytochemical, which also gives you clear and glowing skin. On the other hand, peanuts are good sources of B-vitamins that convert in to biotin only to induce hair growth.

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