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Chellam Express Wash Detergent Soap 225 Grams




Chellam Xpress Wash Natural Washing Soap 225g
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Mild yet complete power wash
  • Keeps your cloths soft
  • No color bleeding, saves water
  • Made from 100% veg.oils

Chellam¬†¬†– It is soft on hands and hard on dirt.In Indian climatic conditions,pollution and dust,it’s close to impossible to completely rely on a washing machine. Sometimeswe need wash clothes by hands,and while doing so it is necessary that we use the right laundry bar. So how about a laundry bar that doesn’t become soggy and wasted and is bio degradable besides being kind to your hands? no,you are not dreaming, Chellam,a biodegradable laundry bar is formulated like a bathing soap and manufactured from vegetable oils unlike detergents making it soft on hands and tough on dirt. It cleanses clothes beautifully,making them look brighter and whiter, Lasts longer than usual laundry bars,it is environment friendly. Go ahead,make your clothes look as fresh as you. Details – biodegradable option to keep clothes clean and hands soft

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