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Badam Pisin | Almond Tree Gum





Almond grows best in Mediterranean climates with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters which are experienced in Indian subcontinent.
Almond Gum is the byproduct of the metabolic mechanism of the tree, easily solvable in viscous and water solutions. Badam Pisin is either white or brown in color and is found in the shape of small rocks over bark of the tree. It can be dissolved in water and is used in making jellies, health drinks, milk shakes etc.
Is used in food and pharmaceutical industry, as an emulsifier, stabilizer and as a texturant additive.

Badam Pisin Health Benefits:
1. Used As Body Coolant
2. For Weight Loss & Weight Gain
3. For Reducing Acidity
4. For Skin Care
5. Amazing Antioxidant
6. Iprove Fertility
7. Stregthen bones, Muscles, legaments and joints

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