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Naatu Kambu Pearl Millet Bajra Gantilu Sajje





Bajra (Pearl millet) is the most widely grown type of millet in India. Millets are seeded grasses and are a healthy substitute for rice and wheat in almost all the recipes.They have high resistance against harsh climates so, they can be grown easily.

Bajra flouris made by grinding the Bajra (pearl millet) grains. It is grayish in color and has nutty flavor. Bajra flour is an excellent source of iron, protein, folic acid and fibre that keeps complex ailments like anemia, constipation,obesity in check and flushes out all toxins.

grains are gluten free hence, bajra flour doesn’t stick together well. Also, they release energy slowly because of the complex carbohydrates.They are an ideal food for weight-loss diet because, they take time to digest and make one feel fuller.

Nutritional Value of Bajra (Nattu Kambu)

Here are some actual nutritional benefits of bajra per 100 grams:

Nutrients/Components Calories
Value 378
Total Fat 4.2 g
Sodium 5 mg
Potassium 195 mg
Total Carbohydrate 73 g
Protein 11 g
Iron 16%
Vitamin B-6 20%
Magnesium 28%

Benifits Of Nattu Kambu:

1. High in Protein
2. High in Fiber
3. Complete Protein for Vegetarians
4. Gluten Free
5. Good for Diabetics
6. Good for Heart
7. Lowers Cholesterol
8. Lowers Blood Pressure
9. Relieves Constipation
10. Alkaline
11. Good for Endurance
12. Antioxidant Rich
13. Helps prevents Anaemia
14. Rich in Folic Acid
15 Good for bones

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